Asiatique Restaurant

Events and Specials



Happy New Year at Asiatique

$45.00/guest excluding tax and gratuities.
A credit card will be need to hold reservation.


arugula  |  radish kim chee, raisin, strawberry+sake vinnaigrette

garden  |  organic mix, carrot and hoisin+balsamic or sweet chili+basil vinaigrette


shrimp  |  chinese 5 spice, curried shick pea, red onion, scallion

stir fry lamb  |  scallion, red onion, soy, chili oil, sweet potato basket

calamari  |  dill, panko, pickled root vegetables, spicy miso aioli

chicken satay  |  tumeric, lemongrass, house made peanut sauce

vegetables  |  tare, chocolate+balsamic reduction, asian romesco

spring roll  |  crabmeat, goat cheese, spicy miso aioli


pork shank  |  soy, espresso, baby carrot, baby corn, crisp arugula

ahi tuna  |  vegetables, ginger crisp, yin-yang drizzle

wok shrimp+scallop  |  vegetables, basil sauce, hot oil, scallion

salmon  |  wok-fired, vegetables, roasted shallot, tomato, chili aioli

beef  |  angus filet, cocoa+lemongrass, saffron risotto, shiitake, nyonya sauce

duck  |  cumin+honey glaze, brussel sprout, mango reduction

tofu  |  ginger dusted, asparagus tempura, saffron risotto, asian romesco


creme brulee  |  trio of flavors, berries compote

torte  |  dark chocolate, white chocolate, berry compote

cheese cake  |  coconut salted caramel